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Family Law

When you are going through a divorce, it's critical to be aware of where you are in the process and what is happening next.  Our Sugar Land, Fort Bend County Lawyers will keep you informed at every step.  Here is a brief overview of the divorce process and what to expect if you are facing a divorce.  

Filing for Divorce

The process starts when you send or receive a "Petition for Divorce." A Petition for Divorce can be a long and complicated document. If not handled properly, it can delay the process or even result in unwanted terms and conditions you were not expecting. When the document is drafted properly, it can be filed with the Fort Bend County District Clerk, or whichever county is the proper venue.

Temporary Custody and Child Support

While the process is ongoing, the courts will typically require the parties to mediate for the purpose of temporary orders. Temporary orders are exactly what they sound like - court orders that are temporary until the process is finalized. Temporary orders will include custody arrangements and child support payments. 

The Discovery Process

In Sugar Land, Fort Bend County Divorce cases, the Discovery process is where all financial information and other needed documentation for assets such as cars, house and retirement accounts are made available to both parties. Certain financial information is required to be turned over to the opposing party. It takes a skilled, experienced attorney to dig through all of the information to ensure you are protecting your rights and duties.


After the Discovery process is complete, a skilled attorney familiar with the local rules of Fort Bend County family courts is necessary to ensure you get everything you deserve. This includes not only what you deserve financially, but also custody of your children. Cody Moore has a long history of coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. Many people facing a divorce think that a “tough” or “aggressive” attorney will help protect their interests. The reality is the ability to be effective and efficient during negotiations not only leads to a better outcome, but also keep you from paying unnecessary legal fees for endless fighting.

Settlement or Trial

If negotiations succeed, then a settlement agreement is drafted making sure all of your rights are protected. If settlement fails, the case is set for trial. When you are working with an experienced attorney, many disagreements and issues can be resolved throughout the divorce process. If you can reach a settlement for custody and the major financial issues, it typically is a better outcome for both spouses than going to trial. Taking your case to trial is expensive, takes a lot of time and typically gives the divorcing spouses less control over the outcome. However, if your spouse is unwilling to concede to what is rightfully yours, then you need a tough litigator like Cody Moore.